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This site was developed as an adjunct to my book on wilderness canoeing.  This site and the book are both written to give a wilderness canoeist some guidance.  We, the corps (family and friends who have accompanied me on many a trip), will use the site to relate to you different ways of equipping, travelling, cooking, setting up your camp, and some basic direction on having a safe and enjoyable trip.

Our intent is that this site is a dynamic one.  One that new and old, ideas and experiences can be shared. If you have anything to add please send it along.

You may also contact me if you have any questions or comments.

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The focus of this book is to give a novice wilderness canoeist some guidance in traveling and camping in the wilderness.  It is intended for the beginner who wants to enjoy the boundary waters but aren’t too keen on buying all of the expensive equipment.  It is not intended for the experienced outdoorsman planning an expedition. In this book I will relate to you how we outfit our group and give you some basic direction on having a safe and enjoyable trip.